Aqua Monaco – Organic Herbal Tonic

Organic, Klimatneutral och Vegan

Vi kan inte säga det bättre än producenten själv: ”Our products embody the entire philosophy of our company: the search for the new in the natural and sustainable. This is how we have managed to free our tonics and soft drinks from all conventional additives and flavours, as well as citric acid. Certified 100% organic*, vegan and climate-neutral. Our rejection of standardised, off-the- peg flavourings and additives turns each batch into a whole new sensory experience. An adventure that begins with our quest to find the right ingredients. We have travelled far and wide. Through primaeval forests, deep valleys, mountaintops and meadows. So that we can now offer organically certified, small batches of fresh ingredients and raw materials obtained first-hand. We macerate and pro- cess them by hand until we obtain the optimum ingredients for our Organic Mixers.


Drinktips från bartendern

  • 4Cl Organic Gin, Spirit of Hven
  • Limehjul
  • Fyll upp med Aqua Monaco Herbal Tonic

Endast ett fåtal flaskor kvar i lager. Produkten utgår ur vårt sortiment och säljs till kraftigt reducerat pris så långt lagret räcker. 

38kr 24kr

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